The Residences at The Allen Sponsors 48th Annual Buffalo Bayou Partnership Regatta on March 7th, 2020 - Residences at The Allen

The Residences at The Allen Sponsors 48th Annual Buffalo Bayou Partnership Regatta on March 7th, 2020

48th buffalo bayou regatta

If a New Yorker were to actually consider life in the Big Apple without Central Park—or residents of Chicago contemplated not having Grant Park in their city—the unpleasant outcome would be pretty much identical to wondering this: what would Houston be like without Buffalo Bayou Park?

A milestone of abundant nature, the 160 acres of dense greenery and elaborate trails spanning Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive are available daily for every walker, runner, and cycler to ably renew their body and mind. However, not everyone realizes how much work goes into keeping a park like this so extraordinary.

Since its formation in 1986, Buffalo Bayou Partnership has served as one of Houston’s most beneficial nonprofits, investing over $200 million into revitalization efforts. Aside from the various paths of this lush natural green space, one enormous amenity cherished by urban dwellers is the active waterway, frequently utilized by pedestrians for canoeing, kayaking, and riding on scenic boat tours.

Texas' Largest Canoe and Kayak Race

Now hosted every March, this year’s event will mark the 48th Annual Buffalo Bayou Partnership Regatta, held on March 7, 2020. Widely known as the largest kayak and canoe race in the entire state of Texas, entrants ages 12 and up can paddle away for all 15 miles of the race, whether competitively or for leisure.

Much of the enormous appeal generated by The Residences at The Allen is due to its excellent proximity to Buffalo Bayou Park. With this new mixed-use development currently being built in a long-vacant space directly across the street from the beloved park, developer DC Partners was immediately eager to sponsor their latest event.

“Over the past few decades, Buffalo Bayou Partnership has contributed so much to the quality of life for residents of Houston,” says Roberto Contreras, President and CEO of DC Partners. “We’re fully onboard with helping them to continue providing for the local community.”

About Buffalo Bayou Partnership

If you would like to learn more about entering the upcoming Regatta or perhaps contribute to this wonderful non-profit organization, please check out

Buffalo Bayou Partnership Regatta
On March 7th, hundreds of kayaks and canoes will line up to start the race. Will you be one of them?
Photo courtesy of Saravana Kumar